Bus Auto Announcer

GPS Bus Station Announcer
GPS Bus Station Announcer
  1. 产品简介:Bus auto announcer ,turn round identify, auto identify line ,connect CAN_BUS line, Intelligence scheduling management

Technical Parameter:
Product name: Bus auto announcer
Model number :HDBUS-GPS-1
Brand name :HangDA
Network :2.5G/3G/4G
External dimension :160*120*40CM
HDMI: RS485/232,CAN _BUS ,LCD port
Power supply: DC9-36V,50 ma
Input HDMI: Turn signal light, brake tips,ACC,SOS

Main Features:
1. Intelligence station reporting
Global GPS satellite positioning ,auto in and out of station reporting ,turn round identify ,multiline auto identify .
2.Multi-language announce station
Support MP3/AV format announce ,support globalization language announce .
3.Intelligence scheduling
Support Mobile network 2.5G/3G/4G,support real time online network
4.Remote control updating
support remote control update station data ,station name ,line name ,advertising speech file .
5. Bus LED line display board port
Bus station reporting auto update LED line display board data, initial and terminal stations name
6.Bus LED line display tail board port
Connect with bus LED line display tail board ,turn signal light ,brake tips ,stop operation, depot repair
7.Bus LED station reporter screen port
Connect with bus LED station reporting screen, synchronous display arrive at station information ,get off station information ,when free would advertising play .
8.LCD information scheduling management screen .
Display Intelligence scheduling management platform delivery scheduling management data ,TTS real person announce ,speed alarm .
9.Subsection speed alarm .
Subsection road segment ,subsection speed alarm .
10.advertising announce
According station announces advance established advertising content.


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